Gilad Lab | MSU

Welcome to the Gilad Lab of Michigan State University!


Our lab heads the Division of Synthetic Biology and Regenerative Medicine at IQ. We look to the natural world to provide the basic building blocks of new living systems and assemble these into new structures and select for those that enable the most improved system.


Our overarching goal is to achieve deeper understanding of biological systems in order to reengineer the natural cellular machinery and utilize it to develop innovative therapeutic strategies and rebuild biological systems.


Using engineering principles we create libraries of biological components to be assembled in biological chassis (cells) to create integrated biological systems.

Current Research Focuses

Constructing Synthetic Biology circuits in prokaryotic and mammalian (stem) cells.

Characterizing the structure and function of electromagnetic perceptive genes.

Developing genetically encoded reporters for MRI.

Constructing genetically encoded voltage indicators.

Engineering novel artificial signaling pathways.


Protein evolution and engineering.

Biological computers.